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By the Numbers is a new mystery series featuring Carly Turnquist, a Forensic Accountant with an insatiable appetite for mysteries and a determination for justice. Carly teams up with her programmer husband Mike to solve the mysteries that Carly always seems to find herself embroiled in. Along the way they meet the God of the Universe that knows all the answers to all the mysteries, and Whose sense of Justice exceeds even Carly's.

Book 1 No Accounting for Murder - Something sinister is going on in Bear Cove, a quiet little town on the east coast, but no one will talk about it. When Carly starts looking into it, she receives a job offer that turns into a threat. A large sum of money goes missing, her daughter is blamed for it, and there is a questionable death -- was it suicide or was it murder? Backed into a corner when her family is threatened, she sets out to solve all the mysteries.

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Book 2 There Was a Crooked Man - Mike is hired to write a program for a ranch to control stock and supplies; on a family working vacation to the ranch, the foreman is found dead,

and Mike's son is suspected. Carlly finds herself stranded in the middle of a snowstorm, with no way out for the killer, and no way in for law enforcement.

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Book 3 Unbalanced - In the midst of planning a wedding, Carly witnesses a bank robbery, but no one else will admit it even happened; later; Mike's brother, who has a gambling problem, is on the run from some people he owes money to, and leaves his son with Carly and Mike; a friend's son is engaged to a woman with a less than spotless past.

Book 4 Broke, Busted, and Disgusted - Carly's ex-brother-in-law who she hasn't seen for over ten years before, shows up again; claims he ‘borrowed' something from some people who want it back; wants Carly's help to initiate blackmail on these people to get him out of the jam; Mike's mom is being courted by a shady character who may just be after her money; Mike's last client is having problems with people breaking into their computer system, and Mike is the chief suspect.

Book 5 Hidden Assets - Mike is hired to write a program for a telemarketing group, and discovers they really want him to use the program to move money from inactive bank accounts; Carly is hired to help a friend prove her ex-husband is trying to hide assets so as to not pay child support; Carly and Mike have problems with communications regarding Mike's friend.

Book 6 Five and Twenty Blackbirds - at Mike's 25th college reunion, tempers flare when old rivalries are revived;

a college professor is found dead, and Mike's archenemy is suspect; Carly's credentials are called into question when one of her clients goes to court and case falls apart -

is Carly being set up?


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