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Faith in Writing





Writing has always come easy for me. In fact, the hardest part about writing was stopping. When I was in school, I loved those weekly essays and short story assignments that everyone else hated. My struggle was to stay within the word count, not to try to pad it enough to meet it.

But, like most writers, I grew up, and had to get a 'real' job, because, according to most parents, writing is not a real job. I worked hard, and got my university degree while holding down a full-time job. And then, when life was looking good, I got sick. For three years I went from doctor to doctor trying to find out what was wrong. My husband left, I lost my job, and my cat died. Actually, the worst part was about the cat.

In the midst of all this turmoil, God called me back to Himself. He healed me of a chronic illness, and led me to my new home, my new name, and my new calling. God opened doors supernaturally to bring me to Denver to marry the man He had chosen for me before the beginning of time. Patrick is a godly man, active in his church, who loves God more than he loves me or any other person on this earth. And by marrying him, I got a bonus package - two daughters and now six grandchildren. 

I dabbled in writing before my marriage, and now am able to write on a full-time basis. My heart is in teaching women, and my first article was actually written in response to an article I read which I felt was in error. That article ultimately expanded into a book concept, "Woman of Substance", which shows women the plans God has for us in His Kingdom. Since then I've written many articles, short stories, and poems, and have developed a number of book concepts.

My goal is to attend at least two writer's conferences each year, and I highly recommend the Glorieta conference in Santa Fe, NM, and Mount Hermon conference in San Jose, CA. Both give opportunities to learn from the best, and to meet the hottest editors and publishers in the Christian market today. And the best of it is, these are really nice people!

Patrick and I attend New Life Church of Denver, under Pastor Stan Setliff. Patrick is active in the tape ministry, and maintains the sound and recording system. In addition, he maintains the church website. I serve as the church bookkeeper/secretary, as well as Body Education Team leader, in charge of curriculum. 


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