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Patrick and Donna
Colorado Rockies
Patrick and Donna
    The pictures below was taken back in 2005, however much has changed.

This is Beth in High School, However much has changed here also

Ryan and Lynsey (daughter)
and all the Hammeke
grandchildren (left to right)
Kaihtlyn, Annalise, Evan, Alex
    The Hammeke Family has new additions. Beth has not only Graduated in 2000.
Clockwise starting with the
youngest Quinton, Kaihtlyn,
Evan, Alex, Annalise
    Well now wait a minute that is still not the whole story, At Beth's wedding we told Lynsey the last time we saw her standing in a wedding party there was another child on the way. But then I had to go and give her away in 2007.
Well it's say it like this, If I did not let her go there was going to be a tug a war and I wanted my daughter in one piece.
    It just so happened that nine months later.

The good side, it is not what you give away but what you gain.

Here comes Cecilia Rose
    This child has beautiful feet. Isaiah 52:7. They are off to start their new life.
Cecilia Rose
.Beth and Eric
    Now we are just one large happy family. Did I mention the other blessing?
Beth and Eric are the proud parents of our new grandson Cameron


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