Adult Short Stories




This page contains a synopsis of each of my ongoing short story projects for adults. If you would like to see a complete manuscript, please contact me at 

"One Hot Summer's Night"
1000 words
Not knowing whether to believe in this so-called faith healer or not, the protagonist decides to go see for herself. Join her on this wondrous journey of discovery, as she realizes the true depth of her faith, and the power of a miracle

"Poppy's Story"
2nd rights - Liguorian magazine, Spring 2004
1650 words
A grandfather entertains his grandchildren with a story from his childhood, when he recognized God was at work in his life, in supernatural ways, and how his faith changed a generation.

"The Prodigal Returns"
2500 words
The return of a long-gone sibling raises more questions than the protagonist really wants to answer, and leads to a decision that will change her life.

"Purple Hyacinths"
2500 words
A shameful secret, a hard decision, a forgiving spirit result in the happiest day of a
grandmother's life.

"The Sun Through the Clouds"
2400 words
Reluctantly she accepted guardianship over her errant granddaughter. Rebelliously, the child decides to make her regret that decision. Together they find the faith and common ground to go on.

"A New Beginning"
2000 words
A chance encounter leads to life-changing realizations for both characters, and a renewal of hope that things can change.

Old friends realize that sanctuary isn't a place, but a relationship.

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