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This page contains a synopsis of each of my ongoing article projects for children and YA. If you would like to see the complete article, please contact me at 

"Kids with Heart"
560 word article that shows how kids can get involved and make a difference. Offers fund- raising suggestions for various projects.

"Rainy Day Fun"
2nd rights - purchased by Christian Parenting Today, Spring 2005
1500 words, including activities
Gives a number of activities that parents and children can enjoy together, indoors. Uses many materials normally found in the house, with a minimum of tools required

"Spring Flowers"
450 word article on identifying spring flowers that grow from bulbs, and includes instructions on how to grow the flowers in a pot, indoors. A good activity for parents or grandparents that requires a minimum of skills and materials.

"Watching is for the Birds"
600 word article that takes the reader step by step through the process of bird watching,
including learning about birds in their area, tools needed to make the activity more interesting, and some safety tips. Includes web-link to building a backyard feeder, and bird watching sites.

"Piece'a Pizza"
650 word article on history of pizza, its immigration to the US, and an easy recipe that the kids can get involved with.

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