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This page contains a synopsis of each of my ongoing book projects for children and YA. If you would like to see a complete proposal with samples, please contact me at

"Be Careful What You Wish"
3000 words
An early chapter book. The protagonist learns a valuable lesson in obedience, and in secrets from the past.

"Billy and Nikki: Cat Tales"
Each Billy and Nikki story addresses a very real situation that all children face, including
introduction of a new child in the family, sibling rivalry, fear issues, visits to the doctor, and so on. Presented in a friendly and non-confronting manner, each story leads the reader through the situation to a positive outcome. Each book can be used as a read-aloud, read-along, or read-alone, and would appeal to children ages 3-7.

"Famous Children in the Bible"
Each and every child is special to God, and He has a plan for each one. Sometimes God will show us a little of that plan, just as He revealed to Abraham and Sarah that their seed would be as numerous as the stars. Just as He showed Mary that her son, Jesus, would save people from their sin. Oftentimes, however, we have no idea which child will grow up to be a president, a preacher, or a teacher. But we are each important to the plan of God, and we should teach our children that, just as in the Bible small children grew up to be important in God's plan, so can they.


"Famous Children in the Bible" is written as a read-aloud for young children, a read-
along as their reading skills improve, and a read-alone when able. Each story is taken from Scripture, and introduces a character who later grows up to do wonderful things for God.  Included are Moses, Miriam, David, Samson, the boy with the loaves and fishes, and Jesus, ten children in total.

"Life Lessons for God's Kids"
Children need positive role models to look up to, and to structure their behavior and
actions by. Christian parents desire that their child's role model display Godly attributes. 
Where better to look for those role models than in the Bible? The purpose of this book is to introduce children to Biblical role models, using a creative non-fiction approach, to bring these characters to life, and to portray positive behavior without being preachy or moralistic.

"Where is My Brother Gone?"
1500 words
First in a series A young boy learns hard lessons when his brother dies, and also learns about the love and grace of God.

Subsequent books will include other life issues such as death of a parent; death of a grandparent; serious illness; and will incorporate basic Christian doctrine of heaven, salvation, and forgiveness of sins.

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