Youth Short Stories




This page contains a synopsis of each of my ongoing short story projects for children and YA. If you would like to see a complete manuscript, please contact me at 

"A Developing Mystery"
3000 words
A brother and sister team get mixed up in a bank robbery, and must evade the robbers while they try to nab them. Would work well as a two-part story, or as an early reader first chapter book.

"A Friend in Need"
1000 words
A young girl learns that everyone needs a friend once in a while.

"By the Numbers"
2000 word
The protagonist learns that a love for numbers can help solve crimes

"Close Quarters"
1500 words
The protagonist must overcome a fear of small spaces in order to save a friend.

"Her Shadow Talked"
900 words
A young girl learns that in order to have a friend, you must be a friend.

"High Mountain Adventure"
2000 words
A wild pony saves his herd, and earns himself the respect of the herd.

"Lost in the Woods"
2500 words
A puppy is lost in the woods, and his owners must find him before he loses his life.

"Lost on Lake Ontario"
1500 words
The protagonist is separated from family, and must trust in God to get back home.

"Nothin' But the Truth"
1000 words
The protagonist learns that not telling the whole truth is the same as telling a lie.

"Skating on Thin Ice"
800 words
Two friends share a common embarrassment.

"The Christmas Pageant"
1500 words
The children in a school play learn that Christmas is not about a baby in a manger.

"The Christmas Pageant - a play"
Includes cast list, stage direction. Requires minimum of characters and props.

"The Last Leaf"
1000 words
The main characters learn a lesson in sacrifice and giving.

"The Rainbow After the Storm"
1500 words
A re-telling of the story of the flood in a modern-day setting of woodland characters.

"The Real Thing"
800 words
The main character learns that it's more important to be yourself than to be perfect.

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