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This page contains a synopsis of each of my ongoing article projects for adults. If you would like to see the complete article, please contact me at 

 "A Firm Commitment"
1400 word article on impacting your workplace for Christ, including several ways to put that into action.

"A New Beginning" 

2nd rights offered. April 2003 NAWW website feature article
1100 word article of encouragement for beginning and intermediate writers.

"Across the Miles"
1500 word article encourages the reader to consider the benefits of fostering a child in a foreign country, by discussing the benefits to the child, the country, and the sponsor.

"Angel in My Van"
700 word article that reminds reader of our need for God in the everyday things of our lives. True story of God's saving power.

"Are We Hard of Hearing?"
700 word article that encourages the reader to check their prayer life on a daily basis to be sure it is in line with God's will. Examines answered and unanswered prayer, and the implications of same.

"Cat Rescue 101"
1500 word article that encourages the reader in the adoption process, including helpful
suggestions from author's own experience.

"Discipleship with a Purpose"
2000 word article that examines discipleship, and discusses the model of discipleship that Jesus gave us, including a number of ways to ensure that the reader's discipleship methods have purpose.

"Divine Touch"
425 word true story as a testimony to God's power to heal, and out need to surrender to Him

"Finally, In Order"
900 word article that shows us that when we get out of God's time, we can get in trouble.

"How High is Your Mountain?"
700 word article that encourages readers to have a more intimate relationship with Jesus.  Anything that blocks our view of God is a mountain. The Bible says we can speak to the mountains and have them fall into the sea.

"I Never Knew"
1500 word defending the decision to keep Christ in Christmas, and to remove the fables of the pagan culture and world, including Santa Claus.

"Instant Parent"
1200 word article on blended families, and how to unite and overcome the struggles often faced in this situation. Gives encouragement and helpful suggestions. Based on the author's experience as a step-parent.

"Love Without End"
2nd rights - 'Living by Faith', anthology, Obadiah Press, 2004
1800 word true story, a testimony of God's goodess to answer prayer and give us the desires of our heart. Story of how author and husband met, including 'the rest of the story'

"Making the Grade"
1200 word article on practical ways we can make a positive difference in the lives of others by showing them we care about them.

"More Than Conquerors"
1600 word article that encourages readers to make the transition from independence to
dependence on God. Gives practical advice, including prayer time, meditation on the word, and being open to correction.

"My List"
2nd rights - Evangel, October 2004
A tongue-in-cheek poem about forgetting to ask God what His plans are for us today.

"One Life at a Time"
1500 word article that encourages the reader that they can make a difference in the lives of others, especially for readers looking for a focus or a mission where they can make a difference.

"One Perfect Vacation"
1800 word article that encourages the reader to look for good in every trial. True story of a vacation that many would have difficulty calling 'perfect'. Photographs are available.

"Motherhood Unfulfilled"
500 word article of encouragement for infertile couples, or couples who are having difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy.

"The Balm of Gilead"
600 word article that reminds the reader that true healing is only found in God.

"The Basics of Life"
1200 word article to encourage the reader in their walk of faith. Foundational principles of the Christian faith, and how to incorporate their faith into their lives.

"The Foolishness of Wisdom"
800 word article that reminds the reader to look to God, not ourselves and this world, in order to perfect our focus and calling.


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